Generator connections for commercial premises

Why would my company need a generator connection?

In this modern era of advanced technology, almost everything we do relies on electrical power. From keeping in contact with our friends and family, to transferring large sums of money in the financial sector,  electricity is required for it all. An unexpected power cut in our business can have a drastic effect on operations and result in profit losses. The consequences of loss of power to hospitals and healthcare facilities is far more critical, where a power cut could result in loss of life. It is therefore sensible for businesses and service providers to have a constant source of backup power ready when required.


Do I need a full electrical refurbishment to get a generator supply?

The simple answer is No. If you have an existing LV Panel distributing electricity around your building, you can still connect it to a generator and keep your existing mains supply. This doesn’t mean that no work is required. You will need to install a changeover switch in an enclosure that meets your local electrical regulations to hook your building up to a generator supply. Northern Switchgear can supply contractors with Enclosures that are fitted with a changeover switch along with the required copper lengths and even generator Powersafe connectors.

Generator Connection

Generator Connection


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