Schneider Easy9 Incoming Devices 63-100A



The fully compliant BS7671 Amendment 3 metal enclosure and magnetic door closure provide a consistent design across both the Easy9 and Resi9 ranges.

Reversible Enclosure Door

Central fixing points enable the door to open from top or bottom, providing flexibility and increased installation options.

Customisable front cover

This unique feature can be used for family photos or to blend the consumer unit with the interior design. The customisable fronts are available at, with direct order and delivery to the end user. Details are enclosed with each consumer unit.

Flush mounted flexibility

Easy9and Resi9 can be flush mounted, reducing obtrusion into living and communal spaces.

Increased cabling space

Cabling space has been significantly improved for the ever increasing demands and circuit ways on a consumer unit.

Incoming cable clamp

The optional kit provides a mechanical means to limit cable disturbance at the incoming device.

Improved cable entries

The trouble-free and rounded knockouts allow for both conduit or trunking applications, always ensuring a neat finish to any job.



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The switch-disconnectors are used for:
• Control (opening and closing of circuits under load).
• Disconnection of on-load electrical circuits already protected against overloads and short-circuits.

The RCCBs are used for:
• Tripping in case of leakage current only.
• One RCCB protects several circuits when fitted upstream of a group of circuit breakers.


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